Book Information

Want to stock your bookshelves or
classroom with some great children's books? 

Try Books-by-the-Pound!   

Donate books to your favorite teacher! 

Like New/Gently Used books
Books are Current Titles
Nothing old or outdated.  
May have some remakes of classics!
Mainly paperback books.

Books Available:
  • Chapter Books-Unisex
  • Paperback Books
  • Mixed (Paperback and Chapter)

Sorted Mixed (Soft Cover):
  • Early Elementary-(Pre-K to 2nd Grade)
  • Level Readers-Levels 1-4
  • Elementary-(3rd to 5th Grade)
  • Middle School-(6th to 8th Grade)

Special Request:
  • Let me know what you are looking for and we'll put it together for you. 
  • We've got lots of holiday specific books!
  • MINIMUM 10 pounds for Special Requests.